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Philips EPIQ CVx with xMatrix, Advanced Cardiac ultrasound machine


S. No.- US819B1063


Manufactured: August 2019


Release 6.0


Location: Australia (EX2348)


Software Ver:


Installed options: Adult Cardiology, Intervention Card, xMatrix Performance, Advanced


Cardiac UI, Anatomic M Mode, Auto Doppler, Auto Scan, Battery Ext Life, Contrast Card,

HighQ, MaxVue, Multi Modality Query Retrieve, Netlink Dicom, Omnisphere Connectivity, SmartExam, Stress Protocol, TDI, Ultrasound Query Retrieve, Cardia TrueVue, DNL CV, Live 3D, Needle Visualization, Physio SW, xPlane, 3DQ,


Probe: S9-2


SKU: EX2348

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