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GE 1.5T HDxt MRI 


Manufactured: 2006


Current location : Australia (EX1869)


Coils: 16 Ch N12 Ch Body Array, 8Ch Knee, 8Ch Breast, 8Ch Wrist, 8Ch Shoulder, HD NeuroVascular, 8Ch Foot Ankle, Standard Head


Options: EPU, FGRE, Cine, FSE & FLAIR, Time of Flight, PCVI, Spectroscopy/PROBE, SGD_EchoSpeed, DW EPI, FLAIR EPI, SPECIAL< Smart Prep, SSFSE, Three Plane Localizer, Modality Worklist, E3DTOF, FSE_XL, Bloodsupp, Fastcine, Sgdpref, iDRIVE Pro, iDRIVE, Smar tPrep 2000 Upgrade, FSE_XL, Performed Procedure Step, iDRIVE Pro Plus, Ultrashort TR, T2 Breathhold, SSFSE MRCP, T2 Breathhold, ACGD PLUS, Fluror-triggered MRA, MRCP3, Dynamic R1, Fieasta 2D, FIESTA 3D, Delayed Ebhancement, Asset, ProbePRESS, Diffusion Tensor, 3DFRFSE, Asset Plus, TRICKS, FIESTA-c, BREAST2, Propeller DWI, 3D Delayed Enhancements, 3D Fat Sat FIESTA, Propeller T2, 2D Fat Sat Fiesta, 16 Channel System, Lava, FiberTrak, FLAIR3D, Multi Phase (variable Delays), Blood Flow and Volume Measurement, 2D MERGE, LAVA-XV, BRAVO, Breast Single Voxel Spectroscopy,  COSMIC, HDx Key, 3D Dual Echo, ARC, Cube T2
Gradients: ACGD Plus

GE 1.5T HDxt

SKU: EX1869

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