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Used GE Discovery 670 NM Spect CT


Available in first week of September


Year of manufacture : 2012 


Current location : Australia (EX3432)


NM subsystem has LEHR collimators, 
Evolution for Bone Planar, 
Evolution for Bone SPECT, 
Evolution for Cardiac, 
Evolution Toolkit, 
Axial head holder


CT subsystem has ConnectPro, SmartScore Pro / Volume viewer / Smart Prep / Helical tilt / Auto MA / Patient 16 slice / smart speed / power 440 / 90kVa / Copy composer / Direct – MPR , Data export / Noise reduction Filter / EKG Viewer / Enhanced Recon 


Performix  tube installed November 22 , 2022, 


Total patient exams: 268  as on Wednesday 16 August 2023 

GE Discovery 670 NM

SKU: EX3432

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