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GE Discovery 750HD 128 Slice CT Scanner


Manufactured: 2011


Current Location : Australia (EX1209)

Tube Type: Perseus


Current Tube Installed: 2018


Current Tube mAs: 47 Million mAs (Approx)


Options: 3000Image, ASIR, AutoFilter-and-Transfer, AutomA, AWEconnection, ConnectPro, CopyComposer, DataExport, Direct-MPR, DynamicZ-axisTracking, ExamSplit,kV_Assist, NeuroFilter, Patient-64-slice, SmartPrep, VCT-Hi-Power, XtreamRecon, OverlappedRecon-Axial, HighResolution, VolumeViewer, Sub-0.4-Second-Scan, EnhancedXtreamInjector, NoiseReductionFilter, SmartScorePro, EKGViewer, CardIQSnapShot, AxialShuttle, CardIQSnapShot-Cine, GemstoneSpectralImaging, EnhancedGSI, HelicalShuttle, RealTimeCTFluoro, ImageCheck, HighPitchHelical-1.53, mAProfile, OrganDoseModulation, DynamicTransition,

GE Discovery 750HD 128 Slice

SKU: 4537

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