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This system is currently sold. Let us know if you are looking for similar machine.


GE Discovery STE Elite 16 PET CT

Initial installation: 23rd December, 2005


Current Location : Japan


Tube Replacement: 20th June, 2017


Current Tube Usage: 32 Million mAs

(As of 14th November, 2019)


Option Software:
Power 440, Direct-3D, SmartSpeed, Smart Prep, 90kVA, VolumeViewer, Data Export, 3000 Image Series, AutomA, CopyComposer, Patient-16-Slice, Direct-MPR, SmartScopre Pro, PET Cardiac, PET Base, PET 2D, PET Diagnostic CT, PET Dynamic Review, PET Cardiac Review, PET 3D Iterative Recon, Rad_Rx, PET List Mode, NoiseReductionFilter, PET Cardiac Shift, ACQC, WideView, Connect Pro, Exam Spit, EKG Viewer

GE Discovery STE Elite 16


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