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GE HDxt 1.5T MRI 

16 Ch with HNS coil


Manufactured: 2006


Software Ver: 16x


Coils: Foot Ankle 8CH, Knee, HNS 16Ch, Cardaic 8Ch, CTL 8Ch, Knee 8Ch, HiRes Brain 8Ch, NV 8Ch


Options: Cone, epli, Fastgrass, fse2, pcvi, gtof, sgd, dwepi, flairepi, Specal, smartprep, ssfse, threeplane, hisris, e3dtof, fsexl, bloodsupp, Astcine, tagging, sgdperf, idrivePro, idrive, sprep99, pps, perfusion, rtca,ushorttr, t2bhold, ssfsemrcp, tlbhold, acgdplus, ftmra, ssfsexl, DynRl, fiesta2d, fiesta3d, delenhmt, asset, navigator,FR3DFSE,asset91, tricks, fiestac, propdwi,  delenhmt3d   fiesta3dfs, propt2,  resappHDx   ideal, de3d, arc, cubet2, fiesta2dfs, channel16, lava, FLAIR3D, MPhVar, blflwmaps, t2map, merge2d, lavaxv, bravo, cosmic3d, cineir, heart3d, 

GE HDxt 1.5T

SKU: 4574

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