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GE Optima 520 CT Scanner

Manufactured: 2015 (installed 11/2015)

Application Software: 14BW25.15_SP1-3-1.KL_S_KLDOD16_G_HLT

Software Version: KL-C20

Enabled Software Options: Refer attached screenshot - system has ASiR & Overlapped Recon - Axial (confirming 32 slice CT)

Data Acquisition: VYPER_KL_DOD_16


- Solarix
- Last replaced November 2017
- Patient Exams: 1,070
- Tube mAs: 13,477,887.5
- Tube Scan Seconds: 69,100
(tube data provided 21 June 2019) 


- System in excellent cosmetic condition and operating to clinical standards.
- System under comprehensive GE Service contract.

Actually as it is overlap recon – GE defines the system as 32 slice unit 

GE Optima 520

SKU: 4572

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