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This system is currently sold. Let us know if you are looking for similar machine.


Used GE VCT 64 Slice CT Scanner

Manufactured: Dec 2007

Current location: Australia (EX903)

Tube Type: Performix_VCT-Plus – Liquid Bearing Tube

Tube Install Date: Aug 2017

Tube mAs: 81 Million mAs (30th Of September)

Options: VCT-85kw-Power, Sub-0.4-Second-Scan, NeuroFilter, AutoFilter-and-Transfer, Connect Pro, Smart Prep, Direct-MPR, Exam Split, Data Export, AutomA, CopyComposer, VCT-Hi-Power, Dynamic Z-axis Tracking, noise reduction filter, ColumeViewer, Patient-64-Slice, SmartStep, CardIQ SnapShot, SmartScore Pro, EKG Viewer, Image Check


SKU: 4492

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