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Used GE Vivid 7 Dimension  – Loaded with advanced options

Manufactured: Jan 2008

Location: Australia (EX875)

Probe: M4S/3V 

Application SW ver:  7.0.4

System SW Ver: 3.0.2 BEP4

Installed Options: DICOM Media, 4D Volume, LVO Contrast, Tissue Velocity Imaging & Tissue Tracking, Anatomical M Mode,   Advanced QScan imaging, M3S/M4S Support & True Speed, Q Analysis, Blood Flow Imaging, EchoPAC, EchoStress, MPEGvue, Echo DICOM, DICOM Modality W/L, DICOM Print, ,   Advanced QScan imaging (incl TSI), Multi-dimensional Imaging (incl Bi-plane), Bi-plane imaging, 4D LV Volume, Automated Functional Imaging, Vivid 7 Dimension

GE Vivid 7 Dimension

SKU: 4490

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