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Hitachi APERTO Lucent MRI Scanner


CE marked system

Installation offered in selected countries 

Current location: Japan

Installed March 2012

Software  Ver V3.0C

Still installed unit – coming out in 3rd week of October 2018 

This system has all good coils including mammography ( breast coil) 


1. QD Knee  MR-QKC-83R

2. QD Head  MR-QHC-81R

3. QD Flex Body (L)  MR-QFC-83

4. QD Flex Bodx (M) MR-QFC-82

5. QD Joint (M) MR-JCpp  -82

6. QD Joint (S)  

7. QD Joint (L)  MR-JCR-83

8. QD Breast  MR- SBC-81

9. C-Spain MR-CSC

EverX Ref number M3074

Hitachi APERTO Lucent

SKU: 4488

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