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Used Hitachi Scenaria  128 slice CT  scanner


Manufactured year 2012 


Current location : Japan (NEX109)


Installed in the hospital: February 2013

Application software V 3.05 

Number of detectors: 64 // Number of slices: 128

System Software version: 3.05


X-ray Tube: 7.5 MHU


Tube type: MCS-7070HP


Total scan counter: 685,677


Total X-ray tube: 636,107.49


Tube replaced: 2017


Tube manufacturing label: July 27, 2017


Scan Counter from current tube: 352,178


Total X-ray tube from current tube: 326,255 . 34


System S/N: S0128


Production Number: KA11716301


System deinstalled in the end of January 2022. 


System crated and stored in a warehouse near Osaka port. Japan 

Hitachi Scenaria  128 slice


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