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Used Philips Epiq 5G ultrasound machine


Manufactured: 2014
Location: Australia (EX2347)
Installed options: Abdomen, Breast, Fetal Echo, Small Parts, OB, GYN, MSK, Interventional GI, Vascular, Urology, Anatomical M Mode, Auto Doppler, AutoScan, Battery SW, Battery Ext Life, Contrast Cardiac, Freehand3D, HighQ, MaxVue, Multi Modality Query Retrieve, Netlink DICOM, OmniSphere Connectivity, SmartExam, Stress Protocol, TDI, Ultrasound Query Retrieve,  Digital Navigation Link, ElastPQ, Physio SW, English, PAL Video Option


Choice of Probes: C5-1, L12-5, C10-3v

Philips Epiq 5G

SKU: EX2347

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