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Philips iCT 256 Slice CT Scanner


Manufactured: 2009


Current location : Australia (EX2687)


Tube Type: CT XS Tube


Tube Installed


Tube Scan Secs: 750K




CT Interventional Cart/Ceiling

Basic Options


"2*0.6, 4*4.5mm Slice


Barcode Reader 455011205181 NCTA064

Calcium Scoring 455011202721 NCTA920

"Cardiac Viewer(Cardiac Review)

455011205631 NCTB190"

CT Reporting 455011205261 NCTA690

Dose Log Viewer

DVD-RAM Storage NCTB210

Dynamic Viewer

"Functional - CT Perfusion

455011702021 NCTA940


Functional CT 455011202051 NCTA940

Head Centering


MRC X-ray tube, 8.0 MHU

Physics Data Server

Prospective Gating 455011201511

Remote Reconstruction 455011205521/455011602691 NCTA139

Retrospective tagging 455011201051

SAS- Spiral Auto Start 453567102371 NCTA094

Scan Tools

ScanTools Pro NCTA004

Show Tube Heat



Options Description

Continuous CT (Ceiling/Cart)

Continuous CT Cart Mount 455011205231

Continuous CT Ceiling Mount 455011205221

Continuous CT Ceiling/Cart 1/2

12/21/21, 8:51 AM Options/Service KeySearch

CT Fluoroscopy

iDose 459800111441

Jog Scan Option 455011204191 NCTA900/NCTA715

Power (120kW) NCTC747

Speed (0.27 sec) NCTC746

"Step & Shoot 50cm Gated

Thorax (iCT)


Step & Shoot Cardiac (iCT) 453567505971

Philips iCT 256 Slice

SKU: EX2687

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