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Philips Ingenuity 128 Slice CT Scanner

Manufactured: 2017


Current location : Australia (EX2641)

Tube Type: MRC 880

Tube Manufactured: 2016

100 kV, 2*0.6, 4*4.5mm Slice Modes, 80kW 459801298431, Barcode Reader 455011205181 NCTA064, Cardiac Viewer(Cardiac Review) 455011205631 NCTB190, CT Reporting 455011205261 NCTA690, Dose Log Viewer, DVD-RAM Storage NCTB210, Dynamic Viewer, Extended Scan Range 
Functional - CT Perfusion maps 455011702021 NCTA940, Functional CT 455011202051 NCTA940 
Head Centering, iBrain, MRC X-ray tube, 8.0 MHU, Physics Data Server, Remote Reconstruction 455011205521/455011602691 NCTA139, SAS – Spiral Auto Start 453567102371 NCTA094, Scan Tools, ScanTools Pro NCTA004, Show Tube Heat, Split Study 455011204211 NCTA700, Time Lapse 455011702071 WARP, Continuous CT Ceiling/Cart, CT Fluoroscopy 455011204201 NCTA670, iDose 459800111441, O-MAR 459800171701 NCTD293, Prospective Gating 455011201511, Retrospective tagging 455011201051, Step & Shoot Cardiac

Philips Ingenuity 128 Slice

SKU: EX2641

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