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This product has now been sold. Kindly contact us if you are looking for something similar. 


Siemens Artis ZEEGO Cathlab


Current location : Australia (EX2472)


Installed: 2011


Tube Type: MEGALIX Cat Plus 125/20/40/80-122GW

Tube replaced: September 2020

Detector Type: pixium 4700

Replaced: 2016


Options: SK Level 7 SIEMENS, 3D Acquisition (Key), Automap-Module (key), BSR Quant QVA (key), CD-ROM Archivmodule (key), Care DPF-Module (key), Care monitor/-guard , key), Care position module (key), Care profile module (key), DICOM Print (key), DICOM Worklist (key), DICOM-Query/Retrieve(key), DICOM-Storage (key), DR DYNA (key), DR-Module (key), DSA Acquisition Module (key), Digital ACQ. Zoom-Module (key), Dynavision (key), Fluoro Loop Module (key), MPPS Support Key, PS-Printer (key), Syngo SW AX license (key), Remote Assistance (key), Artis Test license FL loop (trial)


Detailed item list:

Detector 30x40 / 4700, Examination control console, MultiDisplayManager-3, Large Display DSC 5608-DC, RCU-Rack, Diamentor K1-S for Artis, Siemens LCD Flat Screen 19.1", Isolation amplifier OTV-VGA, Isolation amplifier OTV-VGA, UNI Tabletop, Foot switch, Converter Analog to DVI-D, Converter Analog to DVI-D, Wireless XRay FSW Mono, AXIS Monoplan BB, ACE Long, Floor Mout.Table (Stepp./Tilt), High Voltage Transformer A100, Main Distributor VC13, POLYDOROS A100, Kuka-Roboter SW - V5.4.4_B16, IVS Appl. VC14G.100406_2-DVD, IAS Appl. VC14G.100406_2-DVD, Syngo SW AX license (key), Digital ACQ. Zoom-Module (key), CD-ROM Archivmodule (key), PS-Printer (key), DICOM-Storage (key), DICOM-Query/Retrieve(key), SK Level 7 SIEMENS, Artis Test license FL loop (trial), DSA Acquisition Module (key), DR-Module (key), BSR Quant QVA (key), Care DPF-Module (key), Care profile module (key), Care position module (key), Fluoro Loop Module (key), Automap-Module (key), DICOM Worklist (key), DICOM Print (key), MPPS Support Key, Dynavision (key), DR DYNA (key), 3D Acquisition (Key), Radiation protection, Artis Floor, Collision prot. FD30x40 Laserlight, Multi-axis Stand, Kuka control unit KCP, Cooling unit, Cooling unit for SSFD, Robot control module LCM, Robot control module RCM, ECC operation ECC-J, Copy protection dongle(USBdongle), Collimator ctrl. module CCM V2 uni, Stand Control Cabinet (rescue), Table control TCM-S V2, Display black/white 19" DSB1908-DC, Display black/white 19" DSB1908-DC, Large display MDM Container, Display black/white 19" DSB1908-DC, Terason SW Konfiguration, Examination control console, ECC operation ECC-J, Collimator ctrl. module CCM V2 uni, Robot control module LCM, Robot control module RCM, DCS wide screen display extended, Verbundankerpatrone HVU-TZ, Injektionsmoertel HIT-HY 150 330/2/, I/O board SafeRDW, Robotic Stand safeRDW, FD RTC V5, Collimator AMC AL MCx, Motorcontroller Unit Table, Robot control module RCM, Robot Control PC, Artis Appl.VC21B_ IVS_130514, Masterclone DVD_sX-WP_VB21B_R640, Masterclone DVD_sX-WP_VB21B_R670-2, DVD MC_sX-WP_VB21B_M470-2_Q4000, DVD MC_sX-WP_VB21B_M470-2_FX5800, Recovery-DVD _sX-WP_VB21B, Masterclone DVD_sX-WP_VB21B_R650, Mouse module V2, Robot control module LCM, Robot control module RCM, Wireless XRay FSW Mono, IVS-S BB2 PC, MEGALIX Cat Plus125/20/40/80-122GW, ECC operation ECC-J, CAN2USB old, Mouse Module, new V3,

Siemens Artis ZEEGO

SKU: EX2472




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