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Siemens Avanto 1.5 T MRI

18 Ch system with SQ Engine


Top of the line system with all Bells and Whistles 


System still installed and coming out on 21st of October


TIM: 76X18


Spectroscopy Installed


Manufactured: 2005


Software Version: Syngo MR B19


4ChBIBreastF, 4ChBIBreastH, BodyMatrix, CP_Extremity, CP_FlexLarge, CPFlexSmall, HeadMatrix, HRKnee, NeckMatrix, PAMatrixF, PAMatrixH, ShoulderArray, SpineMatrix, WristArray


TimApplicationSuite, NeuroSuite, BodySuite, AngioSuite, CardiacSuite, OrthoSuite, OncoSuite, PediatricSuite, BreastSuite, ScientificSuite, syngoGeneralLicense, MatrixMode, 3DUsageLicense, 3DMPR, 3DMIP, 3DSSD, ArgusViewer, Worklist, MDDW, PhoenixZIP, syngoRemoteAssist, Inline3DDistortionCorrection, Image Filter Software, MPPS, 3DDistortionCorrection, TGSE, Spectroscopy:SVS, FlowQuantification, Spectroscopy:2DCSI, ArgusFlow, MR Spectroscopy Evaluation, iPAT Extensions, Composing, Tim Whole Body, Inline Diffusion, InlinePerfusion, CISS&DESS, BLADE, I-class, OptimizedProtocolsforEC, Spectroscopy:3DCSI

Siemens Avanto 1.5 T

SKU: 4573

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