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Siemens Definition AS Plus 128 slice CT Scanner

Manufactured: May 2009

Location: Australia (EX1801)

Tube type: Straton MX

Tube Scan second:997129

Tube changed July 2018

IES Tower 11E
ICS Tower 11E

Installed Options: Get_Worklist, Cap3D_Filter_SSD, Cap3D_MIP, Cap3D_Main, Cap3D_VOIMODE, Cardio_Pro, Cardio_Retro, Bolus_Track, Care_Dose, Syngo_General_License, Cap3D_Filter_VRT, Cap3D_Editor, MPPS_Support, Volume_Workflow, Extended_FOV, CTAPP_Main, UHR_03, UHR, Cap3D_Boneremoval, Remote_desktop, DICOM_SR_Viewer, CTAPP_Filter_VRT, CTAPP_Filter_MIP, Cardio_Bestphase_finding, CTAPP_VPCT_Neuro, CTAPP_CVF_Phaseviewer, Definition_AS, Slice_128, Vol_Perfusion_scan, Max_speed, Maw_power, Care_Dose_adjust, Care_Dose_profile, Care_Dose_dashboard, Voltage_70KV, Care_Dose_AutoKV, MR_Support_i

Siemens Definition AS Plus 128 slice

SKU: EX1801

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