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This system is currently sold. Let us know if you are looking for similar machine.


Used Siemens Magnetom C MRI Scanner


Software Ver:-N4- VA26C, Installed 2006


Manufactured 2005 Magnet 


1 Electronics Cabinet ECA 0.35T
Gradient power staged X Y Z, Small signal unit,Temperature control, Cables, RPFA, Transmitter and Receiver,MPCU PCBs, Power supply assy, Fan Assy


2 Indoor Cooling Unit Cabinet


3 Main Magnet and electronics


RTD Lower and Upper Yoke,Magnet cover, Patients Table,Codi Box, Cosimux, D2 WIB, Connector Box, Attenuator Pad,BTB C035,RF Cables and mounting kit, D1 PTC board,Gradient Coils, RF cabin, RF Door, Filter Plates, Gradients filter,Transformer assy, DAFID D15


4 Syngo console AWP computer systems
Keyboard, mouse, Host PC, Imager PC, Operating manuals,Computer Desk, Intercom,Monitor, LAN router,
Systems OFF/ON remote function box and time switch


5 Coils:- Head coil, Body Spine coil-M , Neck coil, Knee extremity coil


6 Phantom set with holder


7 Service test plugs connector


8 SW Backup CD's

System being Deinstalled  next week and will be available for shipping any day after 15 August ! 

Siemens Magnetom C

SKU: 4564

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