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Siemens TIM Symphony 1.5T MRI

Manufactured: 2008


Current location : Japan (NEX49)


No of Channels: 18


Magnet Type: OR70


Software version: Syngo MR B19


Coils: Spine Matrix, Neck Matrix, Body Matrix, Head Matrix, CP Flex Large and small, Body, Array Shim


Options: QuantimGradient, CAP3D_FILTER_MIP, CAP3D_FILTER_SSD, CAP3D_VOIMODE, GET_WORKLIST, MRI_ARGUS_MAIN, N_RoW, N_AdvFunctNeuro, MPPS_SUPPORT, N_Diffusion, N_Perfusion, Tim_18, N_TimApplication, N_MatrixMode, SYNGO_GENERAL_LICENSE, MR_DIS3D, N_InlineDIS3D, N_BLADE, MRI_CV_MAIN, N_IClass, N_PhoenixZIP, MR_STEROTACTIC_TSE, MR_Support_i


System deinstalled and available immediately

Siemens TIM Symphony 1.5T


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