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Used Toshiba Aquilion ONE CT Scanner 320 slice system – with cardiac options


Manufactured: April 2013

Location: USA (EX2642)


Software version: V7 Release: SP0315E 


Base Version V11 Release: SP0003 

Tube Type: MCS-7088A (Megacool CXB-750E/1A)


Tube rating (MHU) : 70kW


Tube Manufactured: March 2019
Current Exposure count : 764,293


Slice Time: 639,439.4 sec


Last Tube change: 11/11/2019


System includes -  CT Fluoro, 2m/300 kg couch, injector sync, Variable helical pitch,

Toshiba Aquilion One - 320 Slice

SKU: EX2642

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