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This system has been sold. Kindly contact us if you are looking for something similar. 




Manufactured: 2008


Location: Australia (EX3337)

Gradients : 8917 (HFD-S)


No of Rx Ch: 18ch


Software Version: HD23


Includes Exablate 2100 V1 HIFU Ablation System

Coils: 16 Ch HNS, Head, 8CH 3T Torso Array, 8CH Cardiac Array, 8Ch Vibrant Breast Array, 8Ch Knee, Flex Coil


Options: ARC, Asset, Blood Flow and Volume Measurement, Bloodsupp, BRAVO, BREAST2, Breast Single Voxel Spectroscopy, Cine, CINE IR, COSMIC, Cube T2, 3D Dual Echo, Delayed Enhancement, 3D Delayed Enhancements, DW EPI, E3DTOF, Enhanced DWI, Echo Planar Imaging, Fastcine, Fast Gradient Echo, FGRE Time Course, Fiesta 2D, 2D FAT SAT Fiesta, Fiesta 3D, 3D Fat Sat FIESTA, FIESTA-c, FLAIR3D, FLAIR EPI, Flow Analysis, 3DFRFSE, Fast Spin Echo and FLAIR, FSE_XL, Fluoro-triggered MRA, Time of Flight, 3D Heart, Modality Worklist, IDEAL, iDrive, iDrive Pro, Inhance Delta Flow, Inhance 2D Inflow, Inhance 3D Velocity, Inhance 3D Inflow IR, Lava, LAVA-DE, LAVA-XV, 2D MERGE, 3DMERGE, multi-echo fgre, Multi-Phase (variable delays), Navigator, Phase Contract Vascular Imaging, Performed Procedure Step, PROBE 3d Brain, Probe 2000 Upgrade, ProbePRESS, PROPELLER, DW PROPELLER, T1 Flair PROPELLER, T2 PROPELLER, T2 Flair PROPELLER, iDrive Pro Plus, Smart Prep, SPECIAL, Spectroscopy/PROBE, SSFSE, SSFSE MRCP, T2Star Weighted Angiography, Three Plane Localizer, TRICKS, IP Protection, 16 Channel System

GE 3T HDxt

SKU: EX3337




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