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This system has been sold. Kindly contact us if you are looking for something simiar. 


GE 750 3T MRI


Manufactured: 2009


Location: Australia (EX3324)


No of Rx Channels: 32 Channels


Gradients Type: XGD

Coils: HNS 16Ch, NV Array, HD Knee, Foot Ankle, HD Shoulder, 3T Torso Array, Breast Array


Options: ARC, Asset, Blood Flow and Volume Measurements, Bloodsupp, BRAVO, HyperCube, Integrated Registration, Ready View, Ready View Body View, Ready View Brain View, Volume Viewer API, BrainStat AIF, Cine, COSMIC, Cube T2, 3D Dual Echo, Delayed Enhancement, DW EPI, E3DTOF, Echo Planar Imaging, Fastcine, Fast Gradient Echo, Fiesta 2D, 2D Fat Sat Fiesta, Fiesta 3D, 3D Fat Sat FIESTA, FIESTA-c, FLAIR3D, FLAIR EPI, 3DFRFSE, Fast Spin Echo and FLAIR, FSE_XL, Fluoro-triggered MRA, Time of Flight, Modality Worklist, IDEAL, iDRIVE, iDRIVE Pro, Lava, LAVA-DE, LAVA-XV, 2D MERGE, 3DMERGE, Multi-Phase (variable delays), Navigator, Phase Contrast Vascular Imaging, fgret, PROBE 3d Brain, Probe 2000 Upgrade, PROPELLER, DW PROPELLER, T1 Flair PROPELLER, T2 PROPELLER, T2 Flair PROPELLER, QuickSTEP, iDrive Pro Plus, Smart Prep, Cube DIR, Auto Nagivator Tracker, Hyperband, Flex, Hypersense, Body Navigator, Black Blood SSFSE, PS MDE, Focus, Silent Propeller, Chemical Shift, Cube DIR, FiberTrak, TRICKS, VIBRANT-DE, IP Protection, Phase Imaging Technique, Smart Prep, SPECIAL, Spectroscopy/PROBE, SSFSE, SSFSE MRCP, T2Star Weighted ANgiography, Tagging, Diffusion Tensor, Three Plane Localizer, HyperCube

GE 750 3T

SKU: EX3324




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