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GE Discovery 690 PET/CT


Installed: 2012


Location: Australia (EX3601)


Tupe Replaced: March 2021


Options: CopyComposer, Direct-MPR, PET Diagnostic CT, PET 3D Iterative Recon, PET Base, PET List Mode, VolumeViewer, VolumeViewerPet, WideView, 3000 Image Series, AutomA, Data Export, Dynamic Z-axis Tracking, Smart Prep, AutoFilter-and-Transfer, NeuroFilter, VCT-85kW-Power, Connect Pro, Exam Split, Patient-64-slice, Image Check, ACQC, PET Gating, PET Cardiac, PET Cardiac Shift, PET Dynamic Review, PET Dynamic, Rad_Rx, TOF, PET FBP Recon, PET Q.Prep, ASIR, SharpIR, PET Q.Core Power, PET Regularized Recon, CardIQSnapShot-Cine, Sub-0.4-Second-Scan, MotionFreeApps, SmartScore Pro, VCT-Hi-Power 


System is currently operational, under the warranty of GE Australia and is scheduled to be de-installed in July 2024.   

GE Discovery 690

SKU: EX3601

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