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Used GE Discovery 750HD CT Scanner


Manufactured: 2009


Current Location : USA (NEX155)


Tube Type: Performix HD Plus (Nov 2019)


Current Tube Installed: June 2020


Current Tube mAs: 82 Million mAs (Approx)


Gemstone Spectral Imaging, SmartScore Pro, VolumeViewer, Connect Pro, Patient-64-slice,Sub-0.4-Second-Scan, VCT-Hi-Power, EKG Viewer, CardIQ SnapShot-Cine, CardIQ SnapShot, 
Veo Iterative Recon, AxialShuttle, AutoBone_Xpress, ASIR-V, HelicalShuttle,
Exam Split, Direct-MPR, Smart Prep, AutomA, Xtream Recon, NeuroFilter, Image Check, High Pitch Helical, MA Profile, CopyComposer, AWE connection 1.53, AutoFilter-and-Transfer, ASIR, 3000 Image Series, Dynamic Z-axis Tracking, kV Assist, Organ Dose Modulation,  Data Export, Dynamic Transition, Overlapped Recon - Axial, High Resolution, HD Smart MAR, NoiseReductionFilter, Enhanced GSI

GE Discovery 750HD


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