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GE Discovery 750HD CT Scanner

Manufactured: 2015


System includes VEO Iterative Recon, GEMSTONE Spectral Imaging Option

With Almost brand new X-Ray tube


Location: Australia (EX2998)


Tube Type: Performix HD Plus X-Ray Tube


Current Tube replaced: May 2022

Current tube mAs: 6.3 Million mAs


Options: 3000 Image Series, ASIR, AutoFilter-and-Transfer, AutomA, AWE connection, CopyComposer, Data Export, Direct-MPR, Dynamic -axis Tracking, kV Assist, NeuroFilter, Patient-64-slice, Smart Prep, VCT - Hi - Power, Xtream Recon, Image Check, Organ Dose Modulation, High Pitch Helical, I- 1.53, Dynamic Transition, mA Profile, SmartScore Pro, CardIo Snapshot, Sub- 0. 4- Second- Scan, CardIQSnapShot-Cime, EKG Viewer, Snapshot Assist, SnapShotAssist Temporal Enhance, Gemstone Spectral Imaging, Enhanced GSI, Volume Viewer, Enhanced Xtream Injector, Real Time CT Fluoro, NoiseReductionFilter, SI SnapShot Pulse, Overlapped Recon - AxiaL, High Resolution, Veo Iterative Recon, Connect Pro, Exam Split, Axialshuttle, Helicalshuttle


System deinstalled and available immediately

GE Discovery 750HD

SKU: EX2998

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