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This system has been sold. Kindly contact us if you are looking for something similar.


GE Explorer 1.5T


Installed: June 2016


Location: Australia (NEXA1)


Software Version: SV25


Coils: 16ch Head Neck Spine Array, 1.5T 8Ch Brain Array - lnvivo, 12ch Body Array, 1.5T 8Ch Shoulder Coil - Neo Coil, 1.5T 8Ch Knee Array - lnvivo, 1.5T 8Ch Foot Ankle Coil, 1.5T 16ch Flex Suite Medium and Large and Flex Positioner Package, 4ch Flex Array Large, 4ch Flex Array Small


Software Options: PROPELLER 3.0, SWAN & SWAN Phase, SV Spectroscopy and 2D CSI, Diffusion and FOCUS Diffusion, DTI and FiberTrak, LAVA Flex, IDEAL, lnhance, TRICKS, MAVRIC, Cartigram


The system will be available in March 2024. 

GE Explorer 1.5T


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