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This system has been sold. Kindly contact us if you are looking for something similar. 


Hitachi Aperto Eterna MRI 


Installed: 2010


Location: Japan (NEX181)


Serial Number: KR16348001


Console Serial Number: N086


Software: V2.1A (Updated in October 2019)


Software Serial Number: 23086



  • Joint Coil (L) MR-JCR-83 (Coil Serial Number: KR16245002)
  • Joint Coil (M) MR-JCR-82 (Coil Serial Number: G2P0114815)
  • QD Knee Coil MR-QKC-83 (Coil Serial Number: KR16230004)
  • QD Flexible Boil Coil (M) MR-QKC-82AN (Coil Serial Number: KR16228001)
  • QD Head Coil MR-QHC-81 (Coil Serial Number: G2X0004815)


Current Status: Crated and stored in an external packing warehouse near Osaka

Hitachi Aperto Eterna


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