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This system has been sold. Kindly contact us if you are looking for something similar.


Siemens Magnetom C - 0.35T MRI Scanner


Location: Australia (EX2914)


Installation: 2013


Serial Number: 48839


Software Version: NUMARIS4 - Syngo MR C15


Software Packages: COEM VE10G, Syngo VX79A [VE32D SL06P13], Syngo VE32D N4_VC15A_LATEST_20100227 MR_MR022-10-R_N4SecU0019 MR_MR058-11-R_N4SecU0021N4_VC15A_FEATURE_20100227_VC15B_F10 (VC15B), N4_VC15A_FEATURE_20110921_VC15C_F6 (VC15C), N4_AR_2011_2MR_MR032-11-R_TM105Up01, N4_VC15A_FEATURE_20120305_VC15C_SP1_F2 (VC15C-SP1), N4_VC15A_FEATURE_20120305_VC15D_F9 (VC15D), N4_SECURITY_UPDATE_0024_20140505 (includes SecU0021 and SecU0022_revB), N4_VC15A_FEATURE_20131113_VC15D_SP01_F4 (VC15D_SP01), MR_MR018-17-S_N4SecU0028


License: Help-MR Kft. Help-MR Kft. Product ID: 029


Console: Syngo Aquisition Workplace


Coils: Extremity-XL, Head -Array, MultiPurpose16, MultiPurpose21, Neck_Large, Neck_Medium


Software Options: syngo General License (Version_43.1), 3D Usage License (Version_40.100), 3D MPR (Volume of Interest) (Version_40.100), 3D MIP (Version_40.100), 3D SSD (Version_40.100), Argus Viewer (Version_4.01), Worklist (Version_40.100), Image Filter Software (Version_1.1), MPPS (Version_1.0), syngo Remote Assist (Version_1.0), Application Suite (Version_1.0), BLADE (Version_1.0)


Complete RF cage and door included. 

Siemens Magnetom C 0.35T

SKU: EX2914

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