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This system has been sold. Kindly contact us if you are looking for something similar. 


Siemens MAGNETOM Essenza 1.5T MRI


Manufactured: 2012


Installed: 2013


Location: Australia (EX3366)


Software Version: Syngo VH21A_SL36P43_CSI01

Gradient: V Engine


Coils: 4Ch Flex Small, Foot Ankle, 8Ch Wrist, Body, Body Matrix, Extremity Matrix, Spine Matrix, Head Matrix, Shoulder Array, Shoulder Small, 4Ch Flex Large


Options: N11TGSE, CAP3D_FILTER_MIP, CAP3D_FILTER_SSP, CAP3D_VOIMODE, CAP3D_MAIN, GET_WORKLIST, MRI_ARGUS_MAIN, N_RoW, N_PAT_Advanced, N_AdvFunctNeuro, MPPS_SUPPORT, MR_Composing_Spine, N_Diffusion, N_TimApplication, N_MatrixMode, N11Adv3D, SYNGO_GENERAL_LICENSE, MR_DIS3D, N_InlineComposing, N_InlineDIS3D, N_SWI, N_BLADE, MRI_CV_MAIN, Channels_8, N_PhoenixZIP, V_Gradients, MR_AutoAlign_Head_LS, MR_Support_i, N_WF_Brain, N_WF_Basic, MR_MotionCorrector_NR, N_Morpho_QC, N_Quiet_Suite, N_WARP_VAT, N_CAIPIRINHA, N_Reduced_Motion_Sens_tse

Siemens MAGNETOM Essenza 1.5T

SKU: EX3366




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