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WDM Xpert 0.5T MRI Scanner

Complete Installation, calibration and customer training can be provide for this MR

Complete Turn Key installation offered


· YOM: 2019


· 0.5T Open MRI with a gradient strength of 30 mT/m and slew rate of 100 mT/m/ms


· Fully motorized 3 way patient table


· 4 channel receivers


· 6 kW RF amplifier with digital RF receiver


· Coils : Head, Body medium, Body large, Knee, Shoulder, Flex, Arthrosis-S (Total 7 coils)


· Windows-7 based operator console


· Whole spine stitching software license


Everx Ref No: EX3043

WDM Xpert 0.5T

SKU: EX3043

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